Ferguson Family Farm

All Natural Pasture Raised Meats


Ferguson Family Farm is owned and operated by the Ferguson Family.  Located only 30 minutes from Baltimore City in Baltimore County Maryland. The farm is surrounded by the serenity of the beautiful Pretty Boy Watershed. 


Ferguson Family Farm has been supplying all natural farm fresh Eggs, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Berkshire Pork, and 100% GRASS FED and FINISHED Beef to families for the past twelve (12) years.   


All Chickens are free range and grain fed. No Antibiotics or Arsenic are used to enhance growth nor appetite.  They are raised completely naturally and humanely.  


A real treat is the extraordinary flavor of our Certified Berkshire Hogs.  Berkshire Hogs are a Heritage breed who's meat is prized for the wonderful flavor and texture by the American Pork Association.  


The Mission of the Ferguson Family Farm is to produce the most delicious yet highly nutritious foods for our family and yours. We use sustainable agricultural methods and models such as that used by Joel Salatin to rotationally pasture and graze multiple species of animals naturally. 


All the animals are raised in their natural environment, moved to fresh pasture daily, and provided with clean, fresh water and wholesome natural feeds.

 *No Growth Hormones     * No Antibiotics     * No Appetite Stimulants     *No Animal Bi-products


Ferguson Family Farm is very proud of the personal service provided to our customers.