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Ferguson Family Farm
3443 Beckleysville Road
Parkton, Maryland 21120

cell: 443-845-1554


Once upon a time, there was a young girl growing up in East Baltimore just north of an area called Highlandtown.  This was and still is home to immigrant families. Highlandtown welcomed her grandparents who had arrived at the shores of this great country from Germany.  As a little girl she dreamed of having a farm lined by white board fencing while cattle and horses lazily grazed. 

This little girl went on to graduate from University of Maryland in Baltimore County, (UMBC), and pursued a career in medicine.  She worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital at Bayview and Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) before switching careers entirely.  Back to school for a degree in construction management followed by a successful career as a construction Project Manager.  She purchased acreage in northern Baltimore County in the serene area of the Pretty Boy Watershed, built a house, focused on raising her young son and a few pigs.  One day son said he wanted to raise chickens.  As mom,  she saw learning opportunities.  Together, they began reading books about raising chickens and construction designs for chicken houses.  You can only imagine the surprised face of this young boy when mom  brought home 15 baby chicks but, no chicken house.  The chicks took up residence in the basement.  Mom gave the boy another gift ... a hammer and his first lesson in framing.  Let me tell you, that chicken house was was not done a day too soon.  The chicks grew fast.  We joined the Susquehanna Poultry Club and my son sold eggs to Guilford and Glencoe Juvenile Bag Pipe Band.  Yes, this is me ... Lynne Ferguson.

This was the fairy tale ended.  My father had already died of Prostate Cancer and my mother had just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. A thousand questions went thru my mind.  How? Why?  I began reading books, and research studies determined not to lose another parent to this disease.  The more I read, the more I realized the Big Agricultural Industry was producing food which was nutritionally dilute, loaded with known carcinogens, hormones and Arsenic.  Our food was no longer providing the nutrition required by our bodies to mount a vigorous immune response required to prevent or cure diseases such as cancer.  Researchers are not winning the war on cancer.  

I began reading books written by mentors of Sustainable Farming such as Joel Salatin,  Michael Pollan, and Johnathan Foer and began producing all the meats my family needed.  Gradually other families wanted me to produce meats for their family so they could avoid commercially raised and processed meats.  

Hence, the driving impetus behind the start of the Ferguson Family Farm was to produce highly nutritious yet flavorful meats for my family and yours.  We currently are producing EGGS, CHICKEN, TURKEY, DUCKS, BERKSHIRE PORK, BEEF and Rabbit.


We the People Have the Power to Change the food system.  Your vote is cast by every pork chop … every chicken, … and every hamburger pattie you purchase.  Vote to know where your food comes from, who is raising it, how it is processed and how the animals are treated.